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Adhesive film SOFT TOUCH
For Interior Yacht Wrapping

Adhesive Film Soft Touch

Indulge in visual elegance and luxurious texture

Introducing our premium Soft Touch range of architectural films, a truly exceptional product boasting a distinct textured finish that offers remarkable resistance against contamination and scratches.

Experience the gentle visual effects and embrace the luxurious touch that elevate the ambiance of any space, imparting a heightened sense of sophistication and refinement.


NE77 Super Mat Light Eggshell

Adhesive Film Mat


NE78 Super Mat Brown Beige

Adhesive Film Mat


NE79 Super Mat Light Cloud Grey

Adhesive Film Gloss


NE80 Super Mat Graphite

Adhesive Film Mat


NE81 Super Mat Charcoal

Adhesive Film Mat


NE82 Super Mat Fossil Grey

Adhesive Film Mat


NF13 Soft Winter Green

Adhesive Film Ultra Mat


NF14 Soft Navy Blue

Adhesive Film Ultra Mat

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